Case Study


ICMI is an agent for speakers and entertainers. It has access to more than 5,000 outstanding and unique speakers, entertainers and high achievers both nationally and internationally.

When clients book one of their speakers or entertainers, ICMI is responsible for getting their speaker or entertainer to their client’s event. This includes booking private vehicle transfers, car hire, flights and accommodation. Many of their travellers operate on extremely tight schedules and are required to travel to more than one destination each week – sometimes each day! That means that seamless and timely travel is critical as speakers and entertainers must be able to arrive at their corporate events not just on time, but with time to prepare for their performance.

What we’ve achieved

helped ICMI manage their use of tickets held in credit – resulting in substantial cost savings and a significant reduction in the number of tickets wasted
implemented an online booking tool that resulted in process efficiency gains streamlined after hours servicing, which is critical to this client, particularly for early morning or late night flights
provided on-going training and support.

What they say about us

“We’re into our second year of using Concierge Business Travel as our travel provider. During this time we’ve found the staff and account managers to be highly professional, friendly and easy to work with. The implementation of an online booking tool has enabled our business to streamline processes and in turn has increased productivity. In our business we deal with complex itineraries and often need to meet tight schedules. It is imperative that our speakers arrive at their destination quickly, efficiently and stress-free. The travel advisors and after hours team are always friendly and ready to assist, no matter how complex the itinerary may be. We have never encountered a problem with Concierge Business Travel and I would highly recommend them to any organisation that wishes to have a hassle free experience for their organisation and/or their clients.”

Barry Markoff, Managing Director